Artwork of David Schuppert
Artwork of David Schuppert
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My Experience as Artist in Residence: Poinsett State Park

I had the opportunity to be Artist in Residence at Poinsett State Park in Wedgefield, SC. I spent the week in one of the cabins in the park and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The cabin had everything I needed and was also decorated with artwork from previous artists. 

poinsett cabin

cabin painting

In discussions with the Park Manager to identify what type of artwork the park was looking for, the request was to paint one of the sites that the park is most famous for: the Old Grist Mill. This is an unique spot that boasts an unique vantage point, a water feature, and is a popular draw for the park. 

grist mill poinsett park

I would get up early in the mornings to sketch and paint in person and work in the afternoons in the cabin. This method allowed me to capture the scene in the best lighting as well as enjoy the out of doors!

painting plein air

The park itself is very peaceful and I also enjoyed relaxing outdoors by the cabin. Artist in residence programs at state parks are perfect opportunities for artists to live and work outside of their usual environments, which helps increase creativity, as well as provides artists with time to reflect and product quality work.  

david schuppert artist

I also had the opportunity to take many great reference photos for future paintings since the park itself is so beautiful and has many interesting natural scenes. Poinsett State Park boasts of a 10-acre lake that makes for a serene setting. Many people go to the park for fishing or boating. Learn more about Poinsett State Park at:

poinsett state park

I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in this program! As part of the program, the artist donates at least one piece of art to the park. I donated two: one 24x30 acrylic painting of the grist mill as requested and one bonus piece of a drawing of the cabin where I stayed. 

cabin drawing

painting of grist mill

I dropped of the two framed pieces and Lauren, one of the park rangers, was kind enough to post for a picture. Thanks again Poinsett State Park! 

framed artwork in cabin



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