Artwork of David Schuppert
Artwork of David Schuppert
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Freedom '55 New Acrylic Painting of a Rustic Boat


boat acrylic painting schuppert

Over the years I’ve collected 100’s of photos for use as reference material for future paintings or illustrations. Sometimes when I’m searching for inspiration, I’ll dig out a pile of this reference photography, sit down with a coffee and start looking through them. Sometimes the reason I took the picture in the first place will again excite me and I’ll put that photo aside as a possibility for a new painting.

Such is the case with my newest acrylic boat painting of Freedom ‘55. I took the reference photo for this painting probably 35 years ago while living in Nova Scotia, Canada. The location was in Peggy’s Cove but off the beaten path that most tourist explore. Kind of up in the back behind these old buildings was this old skiff sitting with other discarded items related to the fishing industry.

This is the original photo that I used to inspire this painting:

photo of an old boat

It’s service days had long been over and deterioration had begun to set in. I’m fond of this kind of subject matter because I believe there’s a story to be seen in that comes with a life of experience, like this boat. One can only imagine the stories it could tell. I’m sure this old skiff is long gone now but it’s memory will remain in this painting.

acrylic painting print schuppert

The original painting was done in acrylic on hardboard and framed with a rustic wood frame that compliments the colors in the painting. Unframed and unmatted giclée prints are available as well as the original painting

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