Artwork of David Schuppert
Artwork of David Schuppert
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Artist in Residence This Spring

Excited to be chosen as Artist in Residence this spring at Poinsett State Park. The Artist-in-Residence program provides artists with the opportunity to gain inspiration from the natural or cultural resources of South Carolina State Parks.

Pointsett State Park is a beautiful, peaceful park and I am looking forward to the inspirational setting to create some unique artwork.  

pointsett cabin artist in residence

I took a trip to the state park to do a little location scouting. This is the cabin I'll be staying in. Very nice little structure with rocking chairs, screened-in porch and fireplace. 

poinsett park gristmill

The Singleton Grist Mill was built by John Dargan in 1761. This photo shows all that remains and is one of the main sites to see at the park. 

I will be staying one week at the park this spring and will donate one piece of artwork to the park that is representative of my stay. Stay tuned to read more about my experience after my stay and to see the artwork that comes out of it!


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